Poetry in Motion – HARDBACK


Format: Hardback
Published Date: October 22, 2019
Pages: 72
Dimension: 6×0.25000×9
ISBN: 9781950947348

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So here it is, the book called Poetry In Motion. Poetry is life in Motion, Motion is the Poetry of Life, spinning at a vibration so magnificent, a vision for the world to see. Here, at last, is a book, the Chapters of Poetry In Motion, as we express ourselves through life. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can you say for a mental visualization? Yes, life is a stage, and we all play a part, but what part do you play in the great scheme of life? As we know, to be a part, you must play a part in the great circle of life and beauty. This book is designed to bring to the reader life in the passage as we know it, the miracle of who we are, Poetry In Motion! Life in the Presence of God!

Raymond Quattlebaum

Hello Everybody, My name is Raymond Quattlebaum. I am a poet for those who don’t know it. I specialize in the beauty of life, Poetry In Motion. A circle of everlasting beauty we call life, Love is a circle of unbelievable beauty in a breath we call the Miracle of Life. Its rotation is the outer limits of infinite everlasting space. A dimension far beyond the spectrum of humanity, forever so beautiful is the reality of God’s love, Poetry In Motion, the creation of life. The color of love is the pronunciation of who we all are, the beauty of life. So beautiful is the color of love, the divine essence of God. I call it Poetry In Motion, The Color of Love. Life’s promise of Love forever Beautiful. Like the circle of God’s forever love Poetry In Motion. The Miracle of Life.


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