Plant A Tree And Watch It Grow – PAPERBACK


Sue Ann Matinkhah

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
July 15, 2022
Pages: 28


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Trees do so many wonderful things. If you plant a tree, you can watch it grow. Because trees live for a long time, that very same tree will be alive for many years to come!

Trees shelter us from the rain, and they give shade when the sun is too hot. Some trees, like apple trees, even give us food to eat. But trees don’t just help you and me. Trees do many wonderful things for the animals of the world, too. Trees offer food and shelter to animals and birds all over the world. They even keep the air clean so we can all breathe. Trees are amazing!

Plant a Tree and Watch It Grow seeks to help young children better understand the importance of trees to all living creatures. Author Sue Matinkhah suggests teaching children to participate in improving their environment now and in the future by planting trees and watching them grow, a very simple and fun activity.

Sue Ann Matinkhah

Sue Matinkhah was employed as a social worker for many years. Education of our young is very important to her, and she writes to educate and encourage children to become active in improving their environment. Sue has six grown sons and two grandchildren and currently lives in Michigan.


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