Peeking Through the Pearlies – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: December 14,2017
Pages: 58
ISBN: 9781947765160

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MIRACLES HAPPEN EVERY DAY if we only have eyes to see. Peeking Through The Pearlies is a collection of short stories designed to help you see life through the eyes of a child, whether it’s a missing child, an angel in a snowstorm, or a lost dog. Author Brenda Wilson’s true-life tales will inspire readers to look past the mundane and see the divine in the most common situations. You don’t have to search for a miracle to happen in your life. Every day is another opportunity from our heavenly Father to peek through the pearlies and see a little of wonder that is yet to come.

Gregory Booth

BRENDA WILSON has spent her life as a registered nurse for more than thirty years. She resides in Memphis, Missouri, with her husband, Bud. Brenda is a wife, a mother, a nana, and a child in spirit. Meeting the Miracle Maker when she was twenty-five has provided her with years of experience and many a peek through the pearlies.


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