Parables of a GrandDad

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Jed Junior Ramsey

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The stories in this book are things that happened to Dr. Ramsey during his childhood and youth, or to one of his children or grandchildren. He has told them in the style of 'Safed the Sage', a book he read and admired as a young man. In order to make the storytelling easier, he has told the 'children and grandchildren stories' as if they happened to a single daughter or to one granddaughter or grandson.

Each story has an included Bible passage to make it possible to more directly use the book as a devotional resource. His loving-kindness and generosity are obvious in the way he interacts with the children in the stories, and they are a great example of the way seemingly ordinary lifetime events can be used to learn valuable lessons.

Jed Junior Ramsey

Jed Junior Ramsey was born on a Kansas farm in 1925, the youngest of 11 children. He served in the US Navy during the 2nd World War. After the war, he married Frances Ewart and earned a BS in electrical engineering from Kansas State University. Jed and Frances were married for 69 years, raising four children, who then had provided them with 10 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren at the time of his death in 2017. Dr. Ramsey taught science and math in high schools in Kansas for 13 years while earning an MS in Biology from Kansas State Teacher’s College, then a Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University. He taught Biology at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX from 1965 until 1990, before retiring. He was an active member of his community, helping to found the Beaumont chapter of Habitat for Humanity, serving as deacon, choir member, and Sunday School teacher in his church, and participating in many other civic activities.


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