Oscar, The Mighty Crab – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: April 12, 2018
Pages: 24
Dimension: 6×0.07065×9
ISBN: 9781947765948

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"This is a story of Oscar the crab
Who lives in the ocean bay so drab,
With his uncles and aunts and his dad and mom,
And hundreds of cousins and his best friend, Tom.
Oscar rides to the big upper world
Where he thinks he might stay, but then he is hurled
Back out in the bay, where his best friend Tom
Suggests he should stay with his dad and his mom.
The rides are so fun! Do you think he will go?
Or will he stay with his friends down below?"

Penny Higgins

Penny Higgins has been writing poetry since she was seven years old. She has written several children’s stories, including “The Jiger and the Tiraffe”, and “There’s a Bear in My Bed.”

Penny is a retired teacher. She lives with her husband, Larry, in a small retirement community in Oregon. They have two children, five grandchildren, and a great granddaughter, all making her very proud.


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