One was Black and One was White

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J. Stewart Willis

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A young reporter, Mary Murphy, stumbles on a crime scene at which two bundles are removed from a dumpster. The bundles contain two murdered newborn babies. One is black and one is white. As we learn more, Mary takes it upon herself to understand what happened and discovers the secrets behind the murders. In doing so, she finds that three government scientists have performed rogue experiments to reduce the gestation period of the human race from nine to seven months. When the experiment goes terribly wrong, one of the three scientists panics and kills two babies and then takes off. A second scientist also leaves, taking the third baby with him. The third scientist, not knowing what the other two have done, is left holding the bag. His marriage and career are seriously damaged and he needs to discover the truth in order to redeem himself. In the process, he becomes involved with Mary Murphy.

J. Stewart Willis

J. Stewart Willis has a lifetime of experience. An Army officer in Taiwan and Vietnam, a Ph.D. in Physics, a professor of Physics at the United States Military Academy, a manager for TRW on the Nuclear Waste Project in Nevada, and nine years as mayor of the town of Washington, Virginia (often called Little Washington).


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