One Caregiver’s Journey – KINDLE


Eleanor Gaccetta

Format: Kindle
Published Date:  May 1, 2024
Pages:  230
ISBN: 979-8-89091-548-1

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Are you a caregiver or about to become a caregiver? If so, One Caregiver’s Journey is a MUST read. This book is a snapshot into the realities of the challenges and changes of being a sole caregiver over a period of a decade. It is a treasure trove of stories, information, and suggestions to make caregiving less of a challenge. One moment you will be laughing, and the next you will be reaching for a tissue. It is a journal and an honest look at the rewards and hardships of the author’s experience. Being a sole caregiver and living in virtual isolation until her mother’s passing, the author openly shares her experiences of reintegrating back into a world that had passed her by after a decade. Learn the obstacles she navigated with driving through town, eating in restaurants, to movie theaters, to shopping in the mall after a 10-year hiatus. Reading this book, you will feel as though you are in the author’s living room as she tells her story.

Eleanor Gaccetta

“ONE CAREGIVER’S JOURNEY” is Eleanor Gaccetta’s personal memoir of her 9 ½ years providing care to her mother 24/7. Her book is well laid out, articulated and a comfort to the growing population that find themselves in the role of a caregiver. Her goal is to provide the reader with tips, information and suggestions to make caregiving less of a challenge. She succeeds. It is an honest look at the rewards and hardships from someone who has been there. Simply put, this book is a blessing for anyone who is responsible for the wellbeing of their elderly parents. “One Caregiver’s Journey” rates Five Shining Stars. You will find this book an encouragement and inspiration. –Ric Bratton, This Week in America


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