Non-Smoking Mirrors

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Dr. Bell-Butler

Published Date: April 8, 2024
Pages: 64

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"Non-Smoking Mirrors" is a collection of forty original poems that have been uniquely curated to capture the life experiences of the voice of the author in a rhythmic, compelling, and forceful artistic space. It is poetry that speaks to universal topics and themes that can easily resonate among individuals who have the passion and desire to echo sentiments of pure, unadulterated matters of the gut without justification. The use of rich imagery, and distinct patterns are carefully arranged, intertwined, and woven to capture the sound and beauty of the feelings that lie within the lines.

Dr. Bell-Butler

Dr. Bell-Butler is a Reading and English Language Arts teacher who has been teaching for the past twenty-five years. She is from the beautiful island, Jamaica–a place she loves dearly.

This anthology captures special memories she holds close to her heart and is a true reflection of her life experiences. Each poem has a deep meaning that relates to specific encounters with situations or individuals and captures rare, raw emotions as they unfolded throughout her journey.


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