My Wonderful Nightmare: Spiritual Journals Inspired by Cancer

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Alma C. Lightbody

Published Date: June 25, 2022
Pages: 186

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A shocking diagnosis of ovarian cancer at thirty-one forces Erin to question her very existence and life purpose. Her dance with cancer inspires her to bare her soul through her journals which guide her to teach and share with others. Her research, studies, and practical experiences are revealed in detail to enable everyone to learn what she learns, especially about "listening to your body" Erin chronicles her experiences with conventional and alternative healing and wellness treatments and tells us what works for her and what doesn't. As Erin's body begins to deteriorate, she shares the last part of her journey and faces the reality of dying. Her honesty and courage shine through even when choosing how and when to die. Part Two shares deeply revealing stories from others about Erin's process after death and how she 'bridges' the two worlds through metaphysical forms of communication. As interviews with family and friends complete the circle, Erin leaves us with a page of insights: What would Erin say?

Alma C. Lightbody

Erin Higgins was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at thirty-one in February, 1998, and began journalling her experiences, treatments, and emotions. Erin was always a storyteller: outspoken, animated and funny. But this time, the story was about her and she speaks to the reader with intimate and gut-wrenching honesty. Alma Lightbody has degrees in Medical Technology, an MBA in business, and multiple certificates in Holistic Health and Shamanic Healing with the last twenty years focused on Energy Medicine. Alma worked closely with Erin as a wellness practitioner and is proud to be co-author of this book.


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