My Rainbow Children: God Made A Covenant – PAPERBACK


Patricia Ann Yarber

Format: Paper Back
Published Date: January 19, 2024
Pages:  52
ISBN: 979-8-89091-426-2

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This book is a loving guide for those leaving the homosexual lifestyle, especially younger generations, seeking peace and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. It aims to lead them into a relationship with Jesus and the truth of God’s word, safeguarding them from false beliefs. It acknowledges an adversary seeking to distort humanity and emphasizes that God doesn’t hate anyone but finds sin destructive. Sin divides us from each other and from God, causing inner turmoil and physical tolls. Finding identity and purpose lies in Christ. Repentance brings restoration; seeking God wholeheartedly involves attention, constant prayer, and trusting God with your life today, knowing tomorrow is uncertain.

Patricia Ann Yarber

Patricia A. Yarber is a respected apostolic and prophetic minister, a spiritual mentor, and a true mother of the faith. Committed to loving God, people, and advancing the kingdom through media, missions, and outreach, she finds joy in uplifting others with the Word of God. Beyond her spiritual calling, she embraces roles as a mother, grandmother of two, and author. Her dedication extends to crafting uplifting, scripture-based stories that tackle life’s challenges, offering hope and peace while illuminating the transformative power of Jesus Christ. Currently residing in Benton Harbor, Michigan, and serving in the ministry under the leadership of Dr. Charles and Dr. Barbara Motton.


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