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Published Date: November 26, 2020
Pages: 26
ISBN: 9781952896910

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During the 1955 young African American children was used to go into the segregated public schools to pull down discrimination and open the doors for African Americans people. At the age of six years old Jacquelyn had to fight and work hard to fight discrimination. Her goals was to win equal rights for all African American people. Eating lunch in the cafeteria at a table by her self, enjoying her food then suddenly, I felt something hit me in my head and back messing up my clothes, she turned around to see what was going on and some food hit her in the face. Her struggles against harsh treatment, unfair laws, and against prejudice, and racism, she had to fight at a young age for equal rights.

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins

Jacquelyn Hester Colleton-Akins, is the Director and Private owner of Hester Tutoring Program in Walterboro, South Carolina and Jacksonville, Florida. Her background and jobs has given her great opportunities in the middle of our youth to bring them into this complex society of ours, by building a building block of educational goals and objectives from Pre-K to 12th grade, colleges and universities. With these learning endeavors children will go out into the world and will grow.


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