Murder on the Ice Floe in Nashville – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: October 27, 2020
Pages: 96
ISBN: 9781952896965

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Taper Tilman's interfering ways caused trouble. When he is strangled on the Cumberland River at TUG'S ICE FISHING, there are many suspects. Investigating detectives Lt. Eli James and Sgt. Tori Calhoun track the killer to Cumberland Bluffs, a mountain where the culprit plans to escape. Without much climbing experience, they go up the steep slopes to bring him down for Tilman's murder.

JB Clemmens

In 2013, stating on Smashwords, JB Clemmens released the book, Jigsaw. Since then nine more books were written, several appearing on Amazon, Primarily Fiction, Lieutenant James Mystery Series includes Mystery at PimaPoint and The Numbered Cups. Mystery, The historical book, Upon the Moon and Woodstock, about 1969, The Vietnam War, and The Culture then, has been released from Readers Magnet Publishing Firm. Jeanie has sung in choirs for many years and continues to enjoy country songs, reading and especially writing.


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