Mr. Griffin and the Treasure Hunt: An Adventure Through Symbols – KINDLE


Jane Fatima Casewit

Format: Kindle
Published Date: January 31, 2024
Pages:  112
ISBN: 979-8-89091-425-5

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Nothing is more important in children’s education than an understanding of symbolism and how to apply its wisdom continuously to daily life. The language of symbolism conveys essential teachings which help a person to understand the meaning of life as well as the foundational and sacred principles which underlie an otherwise seemingly deadend materialistic reality.
— Virginia Gray Henry, Director, Fons Vitae Publishing

Jane Fatima Casewit

Jane F. Casewit is an educator, translator and editor who spent many years in Morocco and other parts of the Middle East. Her profound interest in symbolism and metaphysics led her to write this story for her children, then for her grandchildren and other children because young children have a natural tendency to goodness and an innate sensitivity to the natural world and a potential relationship with God. They take delight in beauty and are ever curious about the universe, continually asking questions about their surroundings. As their intellects develop, children begin to pose the great questions of life and want to know the meaning of our existence, that of the world and the existence of God. Nourishing a love for the natural world, through the symbols around us, promotes empathy, understanding of others and wider views of global concern.


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