Moochie the Soochie: Visits the Peace People – KINDLE

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Format: Kindle
Published Date: January 29, 2021
Pages: 40
ISBN: 9781953616890


"Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People

""Moochie the Soochie Visits the Peace People"" is a children's book designed to take children on an enlightening journey through world history to visit historical figures and cultures on every continent in times of peace. Among what will be learned are common words from 14 languages.

Quinton Douglas Crawford

Mr. Quinton Douglass Crawford is a happy educator that was born in Southern California, but now lives in Northern California. Taught in two private schools, in Sefwi Wiawso-Ghana for IFESH, two schools in Shenzhen-Chi na,and proudly throughout the public schools in the FSUSD. His education includes three Associates degrees from Solano Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from Chapman University, Primary Research Methodology Certification from Prof. Manu Ampim, and currently in pursuit of a Masters of Education degree from Ashford University. Author quickly recovered from a hemorrhagic stroke, seizure, and 2-week coma in2018.Issues slowed down some life goals to teach in several other countries, but he attributes his strong recovery to alignment with SGl-USA, four classes worth of student letters/gets well cards of concern from nearby David Weir Academy staff visits, and multi-faiths prayers of welfare from family and friends worldwide. Including the vision of my deceased father in heaven ordering me to return, while I was in the coma.

1 review for Moochie the Soochie: Visits the Peace People – KINDLE

  1. Ammar Saleem

    If you are finding a little and cute story for your children then Quinton Douglass Crawford has written this marvellous book. This book is like a story based on character “Moochie” who has the ability to travel back and forth as she is fond of travelling. Through her character, a lesson has been given to the youngsters that war is not an option in any case rather our world should be a peaceful place to live. As she travels a lot so she also has the ability to read a number of languages. She even listens to songs giving a peaceful message because she doesn’t want her ears to have a sense of words where war and hatred is exposed. The book is really an exciting journey for the children and it teaches them how different languages have different words. So we can say that it is also an informative piece by the author and a source of inspiration not only for children only but also the parents who are looking for some productive material. It is enriched with good thoughts and it also provides educational information occupied with motivational and inspirational messages that can attract young minds with curiosity. Moochie as a character also exposes his concern for the materialistic world that has been blessed with all resources but still it is not pure. This book is really magnificent and a perfect choice to be placed in children libraries. Moochie as a girl has been shown as a character that really suits to the developing women who have the same thinking that peace exists only there where they are respected. Peace is inevitable to be respected.

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