Mike Honeycutt’s World of Hunting and Fishing

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Mike Honeycutt

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This book is about travel to remote regions of the world, all of the stories are based on actual experiences by the author. Travel to some of these areas are possibly not available at this time. For instancte, Northern Botswana was recently closed as I was leaving there in 2015 to hunting but has recently been reopened by the president of that country. Travel and Hunting areas open and close and their relation to the ring of fire it takes several days to get there from start to finish. I find it difficult on safari to see everything I want to see because of the precise timing of meet and greet with safari personel. Please enjoy the book as it relates only to the author's personal experiences and unusual happenings in the realm of remoteness. There is nowhere else that you can read about what the author has experienced on safari and most safaris are completely different in what they see and what happens while in a remote region.

Mike Honeycutt

Mike Honeycutt enjoys traveling around the world looking for exotic trophies and spectacular scenery. He lives in remote South-Central Missouri near a national forest with his dog and a cat.


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