Me? Dialysis…? NO WAY. NO not ME! – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: January 13, 2020
Pages: 54
ISBN: 9781950947966

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Every patient has a medical history; especially people who are dependent on dialysis. Further analysis of their history often reveals dialysis was not needed if only they had used their medications properly. However in some cases dialysis is inevitable, many times it can be preventable or at least delayed for a longer time. This because of several reasons as evidenced in these short, practical and honest stories in which people show ignorance, pride, nonchalant personality, medication noncompliance, denial and more… Almost all these people are shocked when they get the news, that they need urgent dialysis. Their reaction: Disbelief, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, thinking about their work, their family, their life… many questions will cross their mind.

Jolande Wijks

Jolande Wijks (1962) was born in Suriname, a country in South America but lived for more than twenty years in Curacao, the former Netherlands Antilles, an Island in the Caribbean. She is the author of the exciting racy Dutch novel, Verleiding tot misleiding, which means Temptation to Deceive. She started her nursing career in 1983. She has gained a lot of experience as a registered nurse and specialized as a dialysis nurse in 2004. During her work as a dialysis nurse, she met so many dialysis patients with different medical backgrounds. Each one of their stories was unique. This led to the creation of her second book: Me…Dialysis…NO WAY! Now it’s time for the third book ‘Me? Dialysis…? No Way. NO not ME!’ An extension of her second book. A book with some short but profound real-life stories about people who got the surprise of their life, when they got the news from their doctor that they need Dialysis urgently to stay alive. With these stories, she hopes to bring more awareness of the importance of cherishing our overall health, help prevent kidney disease and the need for dialysis in case possible.


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