Marshwiggle: Decoy Squad

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Teressa L Diggs

Published Date: June 26, 2024
Pages: 42

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Little Betsy is intrigued by fairies, elves and Leprechauns, and wants to see if they are real. She disappears from her babysitter Joanie's sight to go on an adventure to the cranberry bog at the edge of town. As she wonders around having fun, her babysitter is franticly looking for her and worried that she might get in trouble for loosing her charge.
While in the cranberry bog, Betsy wonders upon a Marshwiggle village hidden in the bog. The group of Marshwiggles do not want her to see their village and they go to the mayor of their village to find out what to do. The mayor sets into action a plan he had for just such a thing. The Marshwiggles guide Betsy out of the cranberry bog back to the village where her babysitter’s team of cheerleaders has been helping Joanie search for the lost tot. It all ends happy as Betsy pretends she was just playing hide and seek from the girls. The Marshwiggles maintain their secret village and Betsy had a fun adventure to think about for days to come.

Teressa L Diggs

Teressa, a Swedish-American whose grandparents immigrated to North America in 1910, spent her first 9 years in a small oil community near Midwest, WY. She was the eldest of one brother and two sisters. At 9, her family relocated to Meeteetse, WY where she graduated from high school. She then attended Casper College, leaving with six credits short of an associate degree to embrace motherhood. 21 years later, with 4 children, she completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Wyoming.


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