Man-Dar of Atlantis

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Kenneth Sousa

Published Date: August 23, 2022
Pages: 232

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MAN-DAR of Atlantis is the first book in a trilogy about the adventures of MAN-DAR. It begins in present time with Manny Silva traveling to Central America to locate proof of Atlantis in the Mayan pyramids. Manny becomes ill, and in a delusional state, he enters an adventure as MAN-DAR.

This takes readers to another time and place, with Manny, now as MAN-DAR, flying an airship to rescue a barbarian Princess who is being held by the evil High Priest of Inanna. With the help of his slave and local peasants, MAN-DAR reaches the underworld and rescues the barbarian. The High Priest follows MAN-DAR out of the underworld with an unearthly army, but MAN-DAR causes their demise. MAN-DAR escapes across the Forbidden Causeway to Atlantis with his slave, whom he promises to set free, and the barbarian he has fallen in love with.

Kenneth J. Sousa

Kenneth J. Sousa has written nine books and published four. He is a disabled war veteran and in 1985 he received a degree in communications from Boston University. He has numerous awards for audio-visual programs, including a national award for “Vietnam Nightmares.” Among his many adventures, Ken wrote produced, and directed a drama shown on Boston television. He now lives in Florida with his wife Midge.



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