Mama Bear

$ 2.99

Carla Atkinson

Published Date: May 23, 2023
Pages: 46


Mama bear is a read-aloud book meant to encourage parents and children to read and talk about the story together. The story gives parents a chance to talk about their parenting styles and teach the children that parenting is a choice, and parents choose what they believe will bring happiness and safety to their family.

Carla Atkinson

Carla Atkinson has forty-five years of experience working with seriously emotionally disturbed children in a foster child setting. She and her husband, Jim, of sixty-one years have raised two birth, three adopted, and over two hundred foster children. They operated six group homes, a foster family agency, and a special education school with ninety to one hundred employees. Because the Atkinson’s raised the children in a family setting many stayed with the family and they now have over one hundred grandchildren and soon twenty-five great-grandchildren.

Carla has a BA degree in Psychology and is highly trained in William Glassers Choice Theory. She trained all agency staff, foster parents, natural parents, children, as well as community members in Choice Theory. Carla decided to turn her many experiences and stories into children’s books.



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