Madonna of the Ways

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Jeanne Tiefenbach-Henderson

Published Date: June 2, 2022
Pages: 56

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This book is more than a series of paintings with meditations. As a book, it is quite humble. Let’s look at the Hail Mary. When we say the Hail Mary, who do we find in the center, in the middle of the prayer itself? Jesus. It is as though Mary is holding her son in her arms with the first half of the Hail Mary which is biblical and then the second half is the plea of all her children aimed ultimately at her Son. Those two sections reach out like gentle arms coming together to hug the heart the center of the book, Jesus. The point of this book is to draw you closer to Jesus and into your ‘Mary Heart’. What is your “Mary Heart’? It is a heart of love as you prayerfully sweep the floor as a sweet gesture of service to your home and household or as you care for a child or someone in need. Each page speaks to different times in your life that can become so sacred and meaningful, beyond just the task or chore or routine care.

Jeanne Tiefenbach-Henderson

Jeanne has a bachelor’s Degree in Fine and Professional Art, and a master in Education and has studied under several master’s Artists. Her current contemporary Art Work focuses on stories of celebration. Jeanne’s work is represented by four galleries using her artist name, Vera Bonacci. Her work has been published in the Circle Arts Magazine from the Lyon, France Gallery and is a featured artist for a year, from September 2021 through 2022. She had several one-woman exhibitions, shown is several juried shows, and won several awards.


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