Always and Forever – PAPERBACK


Jeanne Tiefenbach-Henderson

Format: Paperback
Published Date: September 30, 2022
Pages: 100
ISBN: 978-1-957312-96-5

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Prayer comes in many forms. Some forms of prayer touch us so deeply that it is difficult to explain.
It is like trying to explain heaven. We do not have the words or the references, even if we did
physically have the opportunity to visit heaven.
This book is a result of a prayer experience. Therefore, how can I even begin to explain how it
came to be. Let me tell you this. God calls us to do many things and when we say ‘yes’, He has
wonderful plans in store. When Mary said ‘yes’, her fiat brought about salvation for all mankind. All
of this occurred when she accepted the most humbling responsibility to raise a son – The Son of God.
Perhaps she knew that He would be destined to be the way for God to bring His word to His people.
Imagine you are the mother of God, what gifts would you give to Jesus, your son, the Son of
God. And you could only give 4 gifts and during his last days here on Earth. What could you give?

Jeanne Tiefenbach-Henderson

Jeanne has a Bachelors Degree in Fine and Professional Art, a Masters in Education and has studied under several master Artists. Her current contemporary Art Work focuses on stories of celebration. Jeanne’s work is represented by four galleries using her artist name, Vera Bonacci. Her work has been published in the Circle Arts Magazine from the Lyon, France Gallery and is a featured artist for a year, from September 2021 through 2022. She had several one woman exhibitions, shown is several juried shows and won several awards.


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