Lost Causes: Silent Scream – PAPERBACK


Donna J. Thompson

Format: Paperback
Published Date: December 23, 2022
Pages: 270
ISBN: 978-1-959761-34-1

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When Psychologist Casey West went to Detective Karl Larkin, with a wild story about the mental hospital where she worked he quickly dismissed it. He had worked in Springfield for twenty years and Lakeview had never had a complaint lodged against it. Things changed when a nurse was murdered there and the evidence did not match the management story. Jerry Conners, who ran Lakeview, had friends in high places who stopped the investigation. It was then that Casey begged to be Larkin’s eyes and ears inside the place. Would she help him crack the case or would she wind up dead like her friend.

Donna J. Thompson

Donna J.Thompson is a reader turned writer. Everyone has a story and her observation of people helps her write about complex characters and make them come alive on her pages.This is her second book in the series, but the story can stand on its own. For a more drawn out description of Larkin and his crew her first novel “Plot Twist.does that.


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