Living a Human Life: Coping with What Comes Before Us – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: October 26, 2021
Pages: 154
ISBN: 9781955603775

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Living a Human Life enables us to comprehend the top-level process concerning how all humans make our emotional and behavioral responses to the never-ending sequence of situations we meet during our lives. That comprehension enables us to live our unique human lives in a way that brings all of us together so that each understands how to work with others and so that our unique qualities work toward the ideal of benefiting others. Author Edward Averill draws attention to the analogy that each human cell in one's body is needed to work with other cells to play its unique part to keep the whole body healthy; just as all individual humans need to keep the body of humanity healthy. Humans are individually unique: we have inherited bodily conditions, innate predispositions, and environments where we actively express our emotions under the control of our thinking capability. A principle conceptual realization is that these differences develop the current content in our minds, which directs how one's life-force energy expresses one's behavioral and emotional responses to encountered situations.

Edward Averill

Edward Averill began contemplating the purpose of human life when he was only a child. He was educated in the United Kingdom within private and public schools. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1947 with a degree in natural science and geology, and spent four years on geological and geophysical teams in the Middle East and West Africa before passing his Ph.D. orals in geology at McGill University in 1954. Then in 1955, being highly attracted to computing, he jumped career ship to begin forty-years in system and software engineering. After retirement, he used his extensive background to actively research human life and its purpose, to spend some twelve years writing Living a Human Life.


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