Let Me Call You Sweetheart – PAPERBACK


Jennifer Ann DuCharme

Format: Paperback
Published Date: 
June 3, 2022
Pages: 266


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Arriving in Austria, Cheyenne Nicholas, an international courier, expects her trip to be routine and uneventful, but a series of unsettling and strange events occur upon her arrival. First she receives a coded message, next her room is ransacked, then she’s taken out of her hotel at gunpoint, where her assailant assaults her and demands she hand over a package.
And in the mist of it, she meets Vincent Dmitri, the liaison who initially comes off cold, and distant, yet in the next breath he asking her out to dinner. His advances are a turn off for he reminds her of her ex/supervisor Gary Lopez who is only after one thing. But she finds herself reluctantly unable to resist him.
For Vincent, aka CIA officer Troy Vincent West, she’s not what he expects. She doesn’t exhume the characteristics of an international smuggler. Even though they have evidence that she’s involved in the smuggling ring, she insists it’s orchestrated by the other players involved, which has him concluding she is just a pawn in it all. Though proving it, is another matter. And since he’s the only person who could help her unravel the conspiracy against her, the man who used and betrayed her, they must, together, battle unknown foes in order to uncover the truth.

Jennifer Ann Ducharme

I am Jennifer Ann DuCharme. I’m an established, published writer and published photographer from Hendersonville, NC. Writing and photography have been a passion of mine for several years. I’ve written several novels I hoped to continue to share with the readers of the world. I’ve traveled and lived in places throughout the years that have inspired my novels and photography. In addition, I’m a preschool teacher where I spend my days caring for and teaching two to three years old’s. I also have my own photography business called Inspirational Photography.


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