Karacterism – KINDLE


Eyleen French

Format: Kindle
Published Date: December 30, 2022
Pages: 21
ISBN: 978-1-959761-16-7

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Poetry reveals deep feelings through words, through speech and script. Hobos are people with feelings in their hearts, just like you. I used the words in this book to express feelings deeply felt within the hearts of the Hobo characters. This book is created to open the minds of its readers so they will be able to have an open mind and understand the differences and similarities in each one of us.

Eyleen French

I am an autistic woman in my early sixties. I have a special place in my heart for children with special needs. All children for that matter. In fact, I also wrote a book called “Chamilla’s Discovery”, about an autistic girl’s experiences and conditional challenges, social skills and such. She lives in her own little world, with a unique relationship with beautiful butterflies. More about me, I have two sons. One is Joshua who is 41, and Noah, who is 31. They are beautiful and smart. I love my world.


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