Just Like That 2: Legends and Such-Alaskan Empowerment

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DJ Blatchford

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JLT2! Legends and Such, Alaskan Empowerment:,is based on true stories, yet I had to change the names to protect the guilty. Some Writers said the lower 48 states couldn't comprehend them as truth, to make them as legends, so please forgive the deception for that. Quayanna, we lived here, what now is; Alaska by friend or family. Some were ones I remembered being told by elders, a few are just new ones that tickled our heart. They all have their different flavor of excitement, tears, but best laughter, for entertainment, laugh aloud when you read these stories for it starts a healing right to your spirit and soul. These stories are puzzle pieces of my life in different books I wrote. It stores insight into my life in Alaska. It is amazing that I am here to share these stories. Knowing our village; Callymiut was massively killed, yet here I am, thankful to El Elyon (The Almighty God).

DJ Blatchford

DJ as an Inupiat, lived Alaskan Legends & Such God allowed her to see the harsh birth pains of life from territorial pristine lands to what is now called the 49th State of the USA, Alaska. As you read, your mind will allow you to laugh, cry, then yet be scared and also totally amazed! The names in some legends were requested to be changed to protect the guilty. Enjoy Alaska as she takes you on the journeys as if you were with her.


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