Jesus: (God, Man, Myth)

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J. Harvey Hames

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J. Harvey Hames was born in Atlanta, Georgia on September 30th. He accepted Jesus Christ as his savior at seven years old in Stockton, California. However, after going to twelve different schools up to the eighth grade, he stopped going to church until he was seventeen. Then he went to Riverside Church of God in Atlanta, Georgia until he joined the Air Force Reserves for eight months. Received an honorable discharge and started working for Calvary Cathedral in Louisville, Kentucky to become an ordain minister. At twenty-one he was married and had a wonderful son, Todd Lynn Hames. After ten years of being married Harvey and his wife got a divorce and she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work. She took their son Todd with her to Nashville. Harvey stayed in Louisville and started working for a large real estate office. Shortly thereafter they made him a manager of their main office. Harvey would see his son on many weekends until Todd got older and married. Then he would only see his son maybe twice a year. After feeling lost for several years. Harvey started dating a beautiful lady called Melaine. Harvey is now retired in Delray Beach, Florida. Four months after moving to Florida his loved one got breast cancer. Seven years later she passed on to Heaven. They were together for over 30 years. Harvey is getting older now and he told me before he leaves this world for Heaven that he wanted to write a number of books, songs and poems that would glorify God and last long past his time on earth. He said this book is the second one in a series of six. He hopes you will enjoy reading this book, and maybe it will cause you to want to study the Bible more in the future. In fact, he will guarantee you will want to read the Bible more. The first book was called, “Bible Understanding” (plus Circle of Love). Then this one is called “Jesus” (God, Man, Myth). The next one should be called “Heaven”.

J. Harvey Hames


2 reviews for Jesus: (God, Man, Myth)

  1. Bonnie Henson Barbour

    Harvey’s first book, Bible Understanding, is amazing. I would recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the true meaning of God’s word. I have just ordered his new book, Jesus, and can’t wait to receive it. Thanks, Harvey. Please keep writing and using your God-given gift.

  2. Bonnie

    Excellent book! Harvey speaks to the reader as though he is sitting right beside you. He offers a clear understanding of who Jesus really is and why it matters. I wholeheartedly recommend this inspiring book for skeptics, non-believers, new believers, and mature believers who just want to be reminded of who Jesus is and why they are so in love with Him.

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