Jeffrey Stevens: The Shadow Pursuer

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Keshav Tadimeti

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Keeping a secret is nothing to be proud of. It burdens you. It eats away at you. Those who are lucky forget what it is that they are hiding. But, those who aren’t must watch as they eventually lose themselves.”

Jeffrey Stevens has always been eccentric. He works as a private eye for the New York City Police Department, renowned as one of the best detectives in the field. He is famous for his unconventional investigative methods and many officers choose to stay away from him. But when the dead body of the retired CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is found with a note from the killer, Stevens is forced to work with the police officer David Edwards to solve the case.

Yet as he and Edwards pursue the killer, another body is found, this time from a man who calls himself the Shadow Pursuer and is bent on exacting his revenge on an impregnable gang. As the team pursues the killer and alleged vigilante, they come to find that no one can be trusted and that at the center of it all lies the darkest secrets of the police

Keshav Tadimeti

Keshav Tadimeti is a storyteller by habit and an author by passion. He is a computer science student at the University of California Los Angeles, as well as an award-winning columnist, editorial writer, and opinion editor for the university’s “Daily Bruin” student newspaper. When he is not studying computer security or wracking his mind on a complex coding challenge, he loves to read, play video games, practice Indian classical music, and play jazz trumpet.


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