Jack’s Back – KINDLE


Michael Adrian Cote

Format: Kindle
Published Date: August 10, 2023
Pages: 300
ISBN: 979-8-89091-111-7

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A human monster that roamed the streets of London in the 1800s has unknowingly returned wreaking havoc with the help of his ingenious modern-day invention.

Michael Adrian Cote

Michael Adrian Cote was born as the oldest child of four with a strong determination to succeed in life. After high school, he was enlisted in the Marine Corps and became an aircraft mechanic, and traveled the world. When his enlistment came to an end, he found himself working for a great company (IBM), he was a computer technician for five years but he always had aspirations for writing. Michael started his own business painting houses and as the years went by he became successful which gave him more time to pursue his passion in writing. He went to school for Psychology to learn more about himself. Now, he finds himself on the cusp of retirement, and still driven by his desire to write, where he found himself today enjoying life even more and still writing.


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