IWE IFE: The Book of Love

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Rasheed Shola Bello

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This book of poetry is the second part of 5 books of poem series collection. It was written with the intention to show my daughter a part of her from my point of view and the experiences she has shown me in just a short period of her life and the journey that lies ahead of us. There are 8 chapters: Ravira, Ife, Bello, Secret Water, Life, Ojo (Days), Sun, and Pisces; the books includes songs written and inspired by her from my album: 1. Written In Our Blood, 2. Lost In Her Love, 3. Sweet Baby Love, 4. I Have To Be There, 5. Always Here & Always There. Some of the poems address the issue of time and how it changes base on your needs, expectations, and situations. How fatherhood has changed my time and life, how being a father changes the way I see my own father and mother; sharing an unconditional love with someone creating a feeling of wearing an eternal blanket of love that is sew to your being. I want my daughter to understand that the love I have for her is eternal she does not have to ask to be given love and she does not need to seek for it in the wrong places.

Rasheed Shola Bello

Rasheed Shola Bello born and raised in the city of Ikeja, Lagos State, Nigeria. He is from a Nigerian father and Ghanaian mother and a member of a large family. He is self-taught writer, musician, and he has played the guitar and bass from 2011. He has been writing lyrics, poem, story, and songs from earlier age. Though, the author has been a writer for a long time, his true passion is music since he was an infant. Rasheed spent the first twenty years in Lagos State, Nigeria, where he got his early education before moving to the United State to attend college. In 2010, Rasheed arrived in the United States to accomplish that dream; he is a graduate of Mohave Community College with an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. As a writer and musician, he has gone on to write over 200 songs and over 300 poems. While in the States, the author has served as Audio Engineer, a member of Phi Theta Kappa. The author enjoys spending time with his daughter, walking, reading, writing, drawing, food, family, soccer, learning, and music.


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