Insomnia: Two Wives, Childhood Memories and Crazy Dreams – HARDBACK


Jack Hawn

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July 30, 20228
Pages: 122

ISBN: 978-1-958030-60-8

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It was so many years ago when I first met her, but almost like yesterday. Charlene, the love of my life, dominated my thoughts deep into the night and early morning hours. After six and a half years, I still grieved like a lost puppy missing its mom. Insomnia can be dreadful, incurable in some cases, I suppose. Married sixty-three years, Charlene left me looking as beautiful as the day she stepped into my life on her way home from high school to say hello to Onalee, her next-door girlfriend. I didn't need a dictionary to define the word. But I did have two days, the boyfriend's away, and better yet, she's right next door, probably long overdue for a fun weekend. "Guess she's unavailable, Jack," Onalee said after Charlene had left. Unavailable?
My sleeping girlfriend, always a late riser, hadn't moved. I checked the digital clock, grimaced, then resumed my trek down memory lane.

Jack Hawn

Born in 1930 in Nebraska, Jack Hawn later spent four years assigned to the army’s public information offices. In civilian life, he then found work as a copyboy at a Hollywood newspaper, was paid $5 to review plays and nightclub acts, and a year later filled a sports desk vacancy. Working for the LA Times, Jack Hawn’s journalism career covered sports and entertainment. He earned extra income as a television dramatist and wrote TV and radio scripts for sportscasters.

During his 43-year career, he covered Muhammad Ali title fights, boxing at the 1984 Olympics, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and other celebrities until his retirement from the LA Times in 1991.


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