Influential Women: Women Of Destiny, Women Of Purpose, Women Of Faith

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Dr. Joan A. Polidore
Published Date: May 18, 2022
Pages: 58


Ever think it could be possible for a believer in Christ from the Reformed tradition, a fundamentalist Baptist, and a ‘tongue-talking’ Pentecostal to be able to have true and meaningful fellowship with one another? Christianity’s “Big Three” seemingly unbridgeable doctrinal chasms addressed in SOUL BAPTISM are; ‘Sovereignty vs. Free Will,’ ‘Eternal security vs. Falling from grace,’ and ‘Cessationism vs. Continuationism.’ Is it possible that these opposing camps can be reconciled from the same Word of God they all hold so dear? Author Lucian Gandolfo emphatically says, “Yes”! SOUL BAPTISM unveils the key for unity through what the author calls ‘divine triangulation,’ as seen in the distinct Biblical baptisms of Christianity. SOUL BAPTISM offers a refreshing and enlightening perspective from Scripture that is a must-read for every Bible-believing Christian, student, teacher, minister, and even theologian.

Dr. Joan A. Polidore

Dr. Joan A. Polidore studied Empire State College, worked at A Holly Patterson Geriatric Center, committed servant for the Lord at Abundant Life Ministry, and served as Evangelist Dean of the Bible School. She has a Master of Divinity in Theology and ordained Chaplain of the Christian Chaplain Association of New York. Together with her husband founded Agape Ministries Inc., Christian Academy, and served as Pastor, Youth Advocate, A School Administrator and she acquired her Doctorate Degree in 2015.


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