Veronica Atanante Kung

Format: Hardback
Published Date: November 15, 2023
Pages: 18
ISBN: 979-8-89091-316-6

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Ummm … this is a book about being In Love with mommy being pregnant again.
If you, sister or brother, feel in doubt about having another boy/girl in the family, this book will help.
I walk through the feelings of how pregnancy is for mommy, in general.
Mommy is In Love with the baby in the baby sac. She goes through the months beginning the mystery of how her baby forms, thinks and communicates with her and through her, to the world around her … and you.
From the oranges to the spring water … the baby learns to grow and glow. (I think that rhymes!)
Happily, I hope, you brother/sister, child of God, you will learn how to be kind to your mother and share the love. Dad can chime in but it will never be the same as what you are about to feel by reading this book with mommy.
As you read, lay your head on her tummy and feel the baby grow and communicate.
This is the release of my fifth book.
Love always,
A mother

Veronica Atanante Kung

I suffer from Schizoaffective Disorder and have this disorder since 1992. I have seen multiple psychiatrists and have found my treatment can be supplemented with happy thoughts, to gain as much as possible a normal happy life. In writing my first book, I have found God’s listening ear is the best medicine (and, in my fourth book, I still truly believe that!).


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