Imps, Imps, and More Whimps! – HARDBACK


Format: Hardback
Published Date: January 21, 2020
Pages: 68
ISBN: 9781951775124

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I wrote this book to keep up with all I was going through with the imps. I found out that it was a lot. My mom told me to write the book because it was letting everyone know what was happening. It was also letting everyone know God is and was in charge. He didn't let any of them hurt me. This is what I went through but God was always by my side because he loves each of us.

Charlotte M. Prosser

Charlotte M. Prosser was born on July 21, 1954 in Opelika, Alabama. She has three children and has been married to her husband for thirty-one years and has ten grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She attended Phillips Junior College about 17 years ago but didn’t graduate, even though she earned a 4.0 grade average. Because she didn’t have a high school diploma they wouldn’t let her graduate college. She was going to Church at the Living Word Assembly of God and had created a directory book for the Church. Mrs. Prosser wants everyone to know that all she wrote in her book is true and based on her own personal experience. She hopes every reader who buys and enjoys Imps, Imps, and more Wimps! Charlotte writes, “I have learned to trust in God very strongly, but not as much as I want to”.


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