I Never Came Home

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Robert L. Scheck

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Are you aware of the hour we are in? This 21st century has been dubbed the “Age of Information.” Our world today is inundated with a sea of information, yet could we still be lacking wisdom? We claim information and knowledge are power, so why then do nations still fall into the same critical mistakes, generation after generation, regarding being powerless in preventing wars, global terrorism or even natural disasters? Now is the hour to seek our Creator and pray for this quandary. This is the true personal wartime story of a soldier, the author, experiencing first hand how the war in Vietnam affected him, spirit, soul, and body. The author offers an inside-the-mind perception of a typical, young baby boomer soldier facing this dilemma during his 14-month tour in northern Vietnam. Confronting this historic event, he explains the traumatic episodes of his personal war, his transparent thoughts, and how wartime clearly affected his life, the marriage and family he left behind, and his future. Scheck uses humor to soften the seriousness of the subject matter and shines a revelation upon those personally involved in today’s global war with terrorism, the emotional and physical health issues that continue to linger on. This treatise offers the reader therapy and understanding of the returning soldiers and their desperate need for healing of the spirit, soul, and body. “War isn’t over when it’s over!”

Robert L. Scheck

Robert L. Scheck and his wife, Jill, have been in Christian ministry since 1992 and are the founders of Covenant Rebuilders and Hallelujah Ministries International a non-profit corporation of Colorado. Robert Graduated cum laude from Regis University of Denver, Colorado with a B.A in Education and Phys. Ed. where he played both basketball and baseball. He then proudly served his country in the U.S. Army and spent 14 months in as a combat infantryman about which the book is written. Robert later taught Spanish and coached baseball, basketball, and football at the high school level. Both he and his wife are ordained pastors and currently reside in Kansas City, Ks. Go Royals!


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