I Listened For His Breath – PAPERBACK


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Published Date: July 31,2018
Pages: 86
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ISBN: 9781948864640

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"This true story is about a man, who in his lifetime experienced many heartaches. Whiskey was his best friend for many years. He was angry, mean and bitter. That life changed one day and it was if God was giving him another chance to get it right. He enjoyed his newfound life every day. He surrounded himself with family and caring friends. He did whatever he could for everyone. Kids were his favorite people. Hunting, fishing and finishing concrete were his passions. After cancer entered his life, he became a profound teacher. He schooled everyone around him about ""no fear"". Dying was not something to be feared, but rather to be enjoyed and celebrated right up to the end. You will learn of this man's journey through life and how he handled cancer.

Nancy Seriani is a force of nature. If you should find yourself or a loved one facing an unforgiving disease, you need a ""Nancy"" on your team. Someone protective, strong, loyal and loving. Nancy has faced heartache and loss at the hands of cancer before. She told of the loss of her sister, Nena, in ""For The Love of Sister- a siblings story"". Now we gain a perspective of the loss of her husband, George. Marches and ribbons do not beat cancer. The best we can do is fight this disease to a draw. Your odds will improve greatly if you find a caregiver like Nancy. She has an iron glove over her velvet hand.
– Craig Davis
2006 PBS Transplant Survivor "

Nancy Seriani

Nancy Seriani is the oldest of six siblings. An ordinary woman doing ordinary things— housewife, working outside the home, caring sister, loving aunt— just normal and ordinary until 1993 when cancer walked into her life and stayed.


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