I Didn’t See That Coming… But He Did!

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Steven G. Casado

Published Date: November 10, 2023
Pages: 190

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This real-life drama is an emotional roller coaster ride where Steven, a fraternal twin from New York not only deals with the sense of bitterness quite often, but he also battles with jealousy, betrayal, loneliness, and a lot of rage within himself! If that wasn’t enough, his dad is an alcoholic, his mother is who she is, and the friendship of siblings wasn’t exactly present! His short stature enabled bullying to occur throughout his school years and if things couldn’t get worse, diabetes began to beat him down once diagnosed with this disease and changed his life drastically for not managing it! In a fight for survival with little guidance, will Steven find a light to shatter this darkness, or will he submit to it? Was he created to fit in or was he created to stand out? Steven’s current twenty-four-year journey left him looking for hope and was shocked by what would happen during his journey!

Steven G. Casado

Steven G. Casado is a Hispanic twin, raised in the Bronx before relocating to Westchester County. Steven didn’t have tranquil parents growing up, and the friendship of siblings wasn’t exactly present. He was bullied because of his short stature and diabetes began to beat him down once he was diagnosed with this disease, but Jesus has kept Steven Elevated ever since he began trusting Him. Steven knows he will encounter trials, but now he knows who he can trust.


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