Humming As I go – KINDLE


Kimberly Phillips

Format: Kindle
Published Date: January 16, 2024
Pages:  32
ISBN: 979-8-89091-405-7

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Painting hummingbirds has been her absolute joy due to her deep affection for these colorful and unique creatures. The peaceful feeling that envelops her while capturing the beauty of these birds on canvas is truly fulfilling.

She hopes that this book serves as a conduit, bringing families together in a symphony of shared enjoyment. I envision them joyfully humming along to a little song while discovering the fascinating facts and heartwarming quotes inspired by these hummingbirds.

It's my aspiration that through this book, children will find a moment of togetherness, bonding over the beauty of these colorful creatures. This shared experience, resonating with the art and the essence of hummingbirds, may create lasting memories and bring a bit of their magic into the hearts of all who explore its pages.

Kimberly Phillips

Kimberly Phillips was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1959. She has an identical twin sister named, Karla. She graduated with a degree in visual merchandising and fashion design. She started using water color as her medium and ever since then, she loved it. She has been a watercolorist for 20 years, showcasing an eclectic style in paintings.
She is a mother of two. Currently semi-retired and working on another children’s book. Enjoys music, having fun with friends, and family.


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