Holiness Of The Heart

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Princess Wesay

Published Date: September 29, 2022
Pages: 52


Why Holiness of Heart? Does this means God doesn’t care about the outward appearance? Yes he does but, just as the human heart is that crucial to the survival of a person it is also crucial to ones spiritual life. The heart is one of the most important part of our spiritual life. Without a good spiritual heart, a person’s spiritual life is in jeopardy and can lead that one to spiritual death and if care is not taken that person can end up in hell. The heart is also very crucial to ones success in life and making it to heaven. It where good and evils proceeds, man cannot see it, it is deceitful, God sees it, only you know what’s in it and you have the power to change it. In this book you will learn about the types of hearts, the hearts that pleases the Lord, how to care for your heart daily, healing of the heart, results of a bad heart and blessings of having a good and pure heart. This book will not only help you maintain a pure heart but it will help you see the Lord.

Princess Wesay

Princess Wesay, is a passionate and anointed evangelist, teacher, intercessor, deliverance minister, and a preacher who ministers Weekly on Facebook and YouTube live spreading the gospel by depopulating hell, populating Heaven, and preparing the Lord’s Bride. In August 2017. The Lord spoke to Princess saying that the church has become earth-centered and many have forgotten about His coming. It is time to prepare His Bride for His coming. The Lord also spoke to her in January of 2018 saying that the book of life is empty, and many believers are not ready for His coming.

With this warning and assignment, she worked diligently alongside her husband to urgently share the gospel with everyone. She is a graduate of Liberty University with a bachelor of science in religion and Master of Arts in pastoral counseling. She is the founder of Divine Guidance Prayerline, and a co-founder of Divine Guidance International Ministries Inc., located in the state of Georgia. Princess is happily married to Prophet Paul Wesay. They live in Stockbridge Georgia, USA, with their four beautiful children Emmanuel, Pauline, Pauletta, and Paulina.


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