Hey God: If My life Has A Purpose, Why Does It Look Like A Circus

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Pamela Aye Simon, MS, RD, LDN

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Hey God, If My Life Has A Purpose Why Does It Look Like A Circus, is the second book from popular author, Pamela Aye Simon. This slightly irreverent but always funny book explores the common questions that most people wish they could ask God. In these personal, sometimes trivial conversations with God, Pamela shines the light of humor on our daily hectic lives.

Pamela Aye Simon, MS, RD, LDN

About The Author: Pamela Simon, MS,RD, LDN is a Master’s – Level Registered Dietitian who wrote “”Hey God”” when she realized she had been taking her spiritual life too seriously, Pam owns her company called Soulutions to You, Inc. She teaches classes in minimal-movement senior exercise and she counsels clients with eating related self-esteem issues. In spite of her profession, Pam loves Twinkees and hates fitness classes. She lives with her family and various rescued animals in a suburb of Chicago, IL. Her dream is to live in a log cabin on the water (any water) and to always have room for a life traveler who needs hope and a warm bed. Pam’s greatest love is for her daughter, who she describes as “”full of light.””

1 review for Hey God: If My life Has A Purpose, Why Does It Look Like A Circus

  1. Jenna Bachlor

    Sophiscated humor…applied to every day lives!

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