Her Writing Warden – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: August 7, 2021
Pages: 254
ISBN: 9781954371583

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Dimensions 6 × 9 in

"Hunter Brantley is a Game Warden who just had his first novel published and has two more handwritten manuscripts that need put on his new computer. At their Editors suggestion, Melina meets with and agrees to assist Hunter. After meeting his current girlfriend, Vera, Melina opts to avoid her as often as possible. Hunters dream is to be a Conservation Officer in Washington State and he finally gets the call. He and Melina plan to wed after they get settled. Fate has other ideas for the young couple. There are evil men poaching on the mountain who plan to eliminate this Conservation Officer. Will Fate take Melina’s life away from her? You will have to read HER WRITING WARDEN to find out.

Marcia A. Oster

I started writing in 1969 after my tenth grade English teacher suggested I put my stories onto paper. I have always been an avid storyteller. Tragic circumstances in my life caused me to stop writing for almost twenty years. In the 1990’s I was able to get two books published. I got married in 2002 and my husband helped get more of my novels published. Also available in print are another 23 novels. I have an incredibly unique way of telling my stories. You won’t know what’s next until you turn the page and read about HER WRITING WARDEN.


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