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Carolyn T. Linn

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Having traveled the world during retirement, Carolyn T. Linn anticipates a final trip that will take her to a heavenly home. Since her husband’s death in 2004, the author has been curious about what goes on in heaven. She has gleaned material from the experiences of people who have seen heaven through visions or near-death experiences. Her account describes the moment of death for those bound for heaven. She gives details of heavenly life, people to see, places to visit, entertainment to enjoy, and the worship of God at His throne. Be inspired by her use of the biblical “Song of Songs” to give a picture of God’s passionate love for people. For those not sure of their destiny, she gives a glimpse of hell and tells how to avoid it. From the author’s enthusiastic survey and understanding of God’s love, Heaven is Amazing! will encourage the believer in Jesus Christ and provide answers for those questioning eternity. The reader will be lifted into a heaven that contains beauty, variety, and abundance, plus intimate fellowship with an incredible God who has an unimaginable future in store for those who love Him.

Carolyn T. Linn

Raised in a pastor’s home and married to an academician, Carolyn T. Linn had a career in education and banking. Writing and language were enriching parts of her life. She and her husband bore two wonderful children, the joy of their lives. The family survived the challenges of living with mental illness after her husband was diagnosed with schizophrenia early in their marriage. In retirement, Carolyn, a cancer survivor, volunteers in lay ministry, advocates for mental illness, and travels internationally. She lives in Fresno, California.

20 reviews for Heaven is Amazing

  1. Tanner Caldwell

    I recently had the pleasure of reading “Heaven Is Amazing!” by Carolyn T. Linn and I was absolutely blown away! This book is a beautiful, heartfelt journey through life’s highs and lows with a unique twist that will leave you feeling uplifted. The characters are so realistically portrayed that it almost feels as though they’re alive and talking to you throughout the story. Every page brings something new to explore, whether it be thought provoking conversations or heartwarming scenes of love and friendship. The narrative builds steadily throughout until an emotional climax which left me in tears – in the best way possible! If you’re looking for an inspiring read then this book should definitely be on your list. It’s an amazing work of art that deserves all five stars!

  2. Muhammad Aryan

    Its amazing💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍💕😍

  3. Eric

    This book is a spiritual journey that takes the reader on a journey through the mysteries of heaven and its breathtaking beauty. The author delves into various aspects of heaven such as its beauty, peace, and serenity. She is also exploring the idea of heaven as a place of reunion with loved ones, a place of peace and rest, and a place where all worries and pain are left behind.

    The writing style is easy to read and engaging, with vivid descriptions and personal anecdotes that bring the concept of heaven to life. The author also includes biblical passages and references that give further insight into what heaven is like.

    Overall, “Heaven is Amazing” is a uplifting and inspiring book that provides a comforting perspective on what lies beyond this life. Whether you are a spiritual person or just curious about the afterlife, this book is a must-read.

  4. Israel Solomon

    “Heaven is Amazing” is a religious-themed book that explores the concept of heaven and what it might be like according to the Bible. The author presents her ideas and beliefs about heaven, including what the Bible says about it and what it might mean for those who go there.

    The book is aimed at a Christian audience and draws heavily on biblical texts to support its arguments. Readers who are looking for a spiritual exploration of heaven and the afterlife may find this book to be a thought-provoking read. However, the book’s religious focus may not be to everyone’s taste, and those who are not familiar with the Bible may not understand some of the author’s references and arguments.

    Overall, “Heaven is Amazing” is a well-written and informative book that provides a unique perspective on the concept of heaven. Whether you are a devout Christian, or simply looking for an interesting read on spirituality, this book is definitely worth considering.

  5. Subhajit Hor


  6. Minakshi

    It is an amazing book. It really helps you know the difference between world and the heaven. This book is really helpful for those who fear death.

  7. Renz Agregado

    This book is very unique!

  8. Cherry Mae I. Marcelo

    Beautiful story. It will make you believe in God even more. I recommend you to read this kind of book. Amazing!

  9. Divine Osagie

    It is an interesting story which deals with the nature of heaven and wondering how wonderful heaven may be it is a nice story because it is something everyone is thinking about too

  10. Durga Prasad

    This book is my favorite ilove it so much book lovers who are there please try it

  11. Ahmed hiou

    My Bible Study group covered ‘Heaven is Amazing’ in four weeks. We typically share each book by reading aloud and pausing to discuss whenever there is a question or comment. I’d say everyone found your words interesting and helpful. Rev. Dennis B—– said “I loved the imaginative infant nursery where angels cared for the babies. Heaven is a creative fun place where we will be safe”. Dr. David D——– thought your book was inspirational and thought provoking. I agree with David. Your strong faith was evident throughout the book and served to augment the scriptures you frequently quoted. Overall, I feel many of my personal stumbling blocks about heaven were removed. By your inclusion and unscrambling of several scriptures within the text, the reader gains a clearer perspective of what Heaven may be like. I now see Heaven as a boundless spiritual oasis. Unfortunately, our earthly perception of Heaven is often limited by a lack of imagination and/or a spiritual shortfall in understanding just how powerful God can be. Thanks again for alerting me of your book. It was an educational treat and a wonderful opportunity for me to see your deep faith in action. Best always, Ron

  12. Theo

    Amazing story line. One of my personal favourites would definitely read again.

  13. Yousef

    I recently read a book that I found to be truly inspiring and thought-provoking. The book is called “Heaven is Amazing” and it is written by an author whose name I unfortunately cannot recall at the moment.

    The book takes readers on a journey through the afterlife, exploring the concept of heaven and what it might be like for those who believe in it. The author uses a combination of personal anecdotes, religious teachings, and philosophical insights to create a vivid and compelling picture of what heaven could be like.

    What I loved most about this book was how it encouraged me to think about life and death in a new and more positive way. The author’s writing is both compassionate and insightful, and his arguments are compelling and thought-provoking. I found myself nodding along with many of his points, and I also appreciated the way he approached the topic with a sense of humility and openness.

    Overall, I highly recommend “Heaven is Amazing” to anyone who is interested in exploring the concept of an afterlife or who is looking for inspiration and guidance on how to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life. This book is a true gem and I am grateful to have stumbled upon it.

  14. Bin

    Carolyn T. Linn is an excellent author. This work is remarkable. It encourages every one to do good deeds because heaven is amazing and that also tells us how heaven looks like while on the other hand she also scare us from hell and tells us how hell looks like. I would recommend this book to everyone to bring a positive perspective to their life.

  15. Aanchal chand

    The book is too good .I am literally addicted to this

  16. Drubo

    Heaven Is Amazing: How We Know Heaven Is Real’ is a book by Carolyn T. Linn that explores the concept of heaven from a Christian perspective. Linn presents evidence for the existence of heaven and draws upon personal experiences and observations to argue that heaven is a real and tangible place. The book is well-written, easy to understand, and is recommended for those interested in exploring the concept of heaven from a Christian viewpoint.

  17. Aman

    Best book ever

  18. James Bautista

    Reading the books can strengthen the faith of christian believers. However, non-Christian believers can possibly be inspired reading the book. People nowadays need a refresher on what is life beyond, to expect from. The book brings hope and can renew himself/herself.

  19. Komal

    Thus book is same as its name.”heavenly”.

  20. aidaalgaba

    This book is absolutely amazing.

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