Heartical – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: November 3,2017
Pages: 186
Dimension: 6×0.4×9
ISBN: 9781947765061

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Dimensions 6 × 0.4 × 9 in

"When things go horribly wrong for eight-year-
old Aloha as his family is leaving from vacation on Siesta Key, he finds himself alone and scared. That is, until a dolphin named Mari shows up and speaks to him, changing his life forever. Just as he discovers his powers as Tide Swooner, protector of the sea, trouble arises. Aloha is whisked along on an adventure that will ultimately lead to his destiny: a battle with a fiendish beast rumored to be the
source of all evil."

Megan Ahasic

Megan Ahasic is a writer, artist, and childcare worker from Streator, Illinois. She enjoys animation, watching the Chicago Bears play football, and helping at her church.


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