Healing the Wounded Soul: Ways to Inner Wholeness – PAPERBACK


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Published Date: December 4, 2020
Pages: 152
ISBN: 9781952896583

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The eidetic memories of our traumatic experiences remain recorded like unresolved “videos” in our conscious and unconscious memory. These memories of traumatic experiences influence our lives and families by projecting their pain onto our daily experiences. No parents can fully meet their children’s basic needs to receive love, pardon, protection and praise. This causes varying degrees of feelings of inferiority, which we try to compensate with equal degrees of superiority through such things as bragging, possessiveness and possessions, perfectionism, and so on. Dr. Westmeier deals with the effects of such problems as dysfunctional families, sexual abuse and rape, abortion guilt, being an unwanted child and much more. When we open these memories to Jesus, he who came to carry our sins to the cross also carries our fears, anxieties, griefs, and sorrows, giving us a new ending to the “videos” in our memories. By giving us His forgiveness, the “unforgivable” can be forgiven.

Arline Westmeier

Dr. Arline (Maust) Westmeier was born into a very dedicated Mennonite home. From the time of her first commitment to Jesus at 3 ½ years of age, she felt called to be a missionary. Since Jesus went about healing the sick, she decided to go into nursing school. Then seven weeks before she graduated, her mother had a massive brain hemorrhage, which robbed her capacity to speak and move. She and her sister cared for her for 3 years. Nine weeks before her death, her father died. She feels this was God’s three-year “university course” to prepare her to understand the difficulties and pain of others. She has presented seminars on healing and counseling in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Central and South America. She is the mother of an adult son (David [Yeins]) and daughter (Ruthie), and two grandsons (Benjamin and Matthew). Since the death of her beloved husband, Dr. Westmeier lives in the Assisted Living part of the Goodwill Retirement Community, Grantsville, Maryland, located in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains.


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