Healing the Wounded Soul: Taking Every Thought Captive Volume 3 – PAPERBACK


Format: Paperback
Published Date: July 22, 2020
Pages: 220
ISBN: 9781951775995

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Many people are plagued with thoughts they cannot control such as, “Did I really turn that gas off all the way? Maybe I should go back and check it one more time, just to be sure.” “You need to repent from that sin again. You really weren’t sorry enough when you asked forgiveness. You are much sorrier now than when you asked for forgiveness the last time.” “The door may not be really shut. You didn’t touch the three spots on the doorframe, just to be sure. You’d better go back and check it. Being too lazy to get out of bed to do it again is no excuse.” “You forgot your checkbook! You always forget everything. You’re just no good.” Examining our thought life involves distinguishing three kinds of voices. We use our minds to think our own thoughts. When God communicates with us, His thoughts must register in our minds if we want to understand what He is saying. Temptations must also register in our minds if they are to become real temptations. In this volume of Healing the Wounded Soul, Dr. Westmeier gives practical steps and biblical ways to sort out our thoughts and to get free of the obsessive ones.

Arline Westmeier

Dr. Arline (Maust) Westmeier was born into a very dedicated Mennonite home. From the time of her first commitment to Jesus at 3 ½ years of age, she felt called to be a missionary. Since Jesus went about healing the sick, she decided to go into nursing school. Then seven weeks before she graduated, her mother had a massive brain hemorrhage, which robbed her capacity to speak and move. She and her sister cared for her for 3 years. Nine weeks before her death, her father died. She feels this was God’s three-year “university course” to prepare her to understand the difficulties and pain of others. She has presented seminars on healing and counseling in the United States, Europe, Africa, and Central and South America. She is the mother of an adult son and daughter and has two adolescent grandsons. Since the death of her beloved husband in April 2018, she is living in Grantsville, MD., located in the beautiful Alleghany Mountains.


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