Harmony: Legend of Forest Ranch – HARDBACK


Wilma Forester

Format: Hardback
Published Date: January 29, 2024
Pages: 46
ISBN: 978-1-959165-91-0

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Ever heard what a ‘Harmony’ is?

In the Indian legends of northern California, a ‘Harmony’ is a beautiful crystal-like pony with wings of a butterfly and a soft bell-like voice. It hates litter – and knows a lot about gold. Yes, GOLD!

What else does a ‘Harmony’ do?

This enthralling, magical tale treats visitors to Forest Ranch to an enduring love story between two people from opposite poles – a love no curse could ever break for too long. This is not just a love story of how two broken hearts mended but also a fascinating legend of how the ‘Harmonies’ came into the lives of humans.

Behold! This is a beautiful tale worth reading in spring – when the dogwood flowers bloom.

Wilma Forester

Wilma R. Forester is an artist first but loves to write, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Of course, she gets to illustrate all her stories. Sometimes when she is deep into a tale, it feels like she has stepped into another world and it is a wonderful place of privacy and freedom where she is alone in control and so she paints and writes.


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