Good Night

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Natalia Padilla

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"This book ""Good Night"" would make a great movie. It's about a young girl in how she spends her wonderful day. This book “Good Night” helps readers develop their vowel sounds and consonant sounds of the English language.

How do you like to spend your day? Do you like being outside? How about spending time with friends and family? Do you like music? In her book, Good Night, author Natalia Padilla shares how she spends her day, which includes many of those things that you do every day. But she especially loves music and playing the piano. Join her as she describes her day and the things she loves. You’ll learn about playing the piano in Good Night and how it can make you feel. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to learn to play an instrument or even sing.

The moon gives light at night with all the stars shining bright! Natalia playing piano at age nine is fine. She always hits the keys on time. Readers are Leaders… so read my book ""Good Night"" tonight, so you will be bright… Good Night!"

Natalia Padilla

Natalia Padilla is a talented and humorous good girl of 11 years old that was 9 years old when she created this book. She enjoys playing piano and won the California National Piano Playing Auditions in 2015. She is also a songwriter; the first song she composed is also titled Good Night. She also enjoys reading fantasy and history books. However, she really enjoys skillfully painting, and drawing animals or people in everyday life. She enjoys creating stories when writing. Her playing time with friends and family putting puzzles together is very relaxing to her as she humorously laughs. Mainly, she enjoys making people laugh and smile.

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    Promising Book

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