Going Against the Tide-Prophetically – KINDLE


Format: Kindle
Published Date: March 28, 2019
Pages: 158
ISBN: 9781949981049

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This is the author's first (and maybe last) book written at a time in life when most people are either in retirement or anticipating it. But with well over 57 years of searching Scripture with his graduation from the evening school division of Philadelphia College of Bible (now CAIRN University) over thirty years ago, he felt that the accumulated knowledge of those years should be shared with others. It is left up to the reader to decide whether this "elder" has been led astray by evil powers or perhaps by his own imagination, or whether the Spirit of God has illuminated (not inspired) his mind in his search for truth.

Walter Madenford

Of all the biblical doctrines to be searched out, eschatology is, by far, the most complex. There are seven principal views, five involving a rapture at some point and two rejecting the idea together. This book is written from the pre-tribulation rapture viewpoint. It is not so much a defense of this view as it is an assessment of the multitude of events, and meanings (or purposes) of these events. it is the author’s persuasion that there should be many corrections made. not the framework but to the many corrections and alternations to some long-held views. The reader is urged to search the Scriptures without bias to see whether these things are so.


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