God’s Law, Man’s Law

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Pastor Dr. Emmanuel C. Andrew

Published Date: February 1, 2024
Pages: 506


God’s Law, Man’s Law speaks to the instruction of life and manual to our lifestyles. The law is the key and guide to every living and non-living thing. The law engages us to the right things, like righteousness and living in a positive way.

The law of God created the law of man, and the law of God established the law of man. Man lives by the law and die by the disobedience of the law. The positive law kindles us to the original plan of God. Positive living of the law engages you into a winning side of life.

Dr. Pastor Emmanuel C. Andrew uncovers the truth of human life through the law of God. It is because of the law of God, the law of God was unveiled to man. This book is written to open the eyes of mankind to the law of God and law of Man. The Law of God carries the highest power that put you in charge over every power and authority. If you are looking for a mountain top of power, master God’s Law.

Pastor Dr. Emmanuel C. Andrew

Pastor Dr. Emmanuel C. Andrew, founder and general overseer of God’s Glorious Land, Inc. Worldwide Ministries, was born in Owo Ahiafor, Aba, Abia State, Eastern Part of Nigeria, and has many gifts given to him by God as he is a prophet, global evangelist, singer, songwriter, philanthropist, writer, critical thinker, inventor, and businessman. He is a genius that desires to work with all nations to make the world a better place, which includes inventions that can assist the United Nations in its missions for world peace. He is the last born in his family of seven children.


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