God as Neighbor: Imagine the Conversations

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Anthony Marsella

Published Date: March 07, 2023
Pages: 78

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Imagine the Conversations!
Imagine for a moment God-a Supreme Being of your choice – is your neighbor! A good neighbor! Someone with whom you could share your deepest thoughts and feelings and know they would be understood and accepted. Someone with whom you could hold a conversation and not be worried your questions or answers would result in a frown or reflexive reply: "That us blasphemy-sacrilege!" Or the frequent childhood warning: "If you keep talking like that, you are going to go to hell!"
Imagine you could knock on your neighbor's door and be greeted and welcomed by an image, essence, or being of your mind's own fashioning, saying: "Come in! Come in! I was expecting you!" Imagine God – a Supreme Being – as a neighbor! Imagine a neighbor whose grandeur and wisdom would encourage you to explore issues of life's meaning and purpose familiar to us all yet too often left unanswered, languishing, for fear that possible answers would be difficult to accept or disruptive to existing life routines.
Your good neighbor would welcome your questions and answers, freeing you to ask others. Suppose, for example, you asked your good neighbor a question, and the good neighbor replied: "The answer is 'yes' and 'no'."
Imagine an opportunity, free of life's conventional distractions, a place and a time for you to wonder without being told words stopping thought: "Right!" "Wrong!" "Take off your shoes, you are on holy ground."
In this small volume, readers will find a collection of eleven on going conversations with God – a Supreme Being – not in a magnificent church, temple, or mosque, overwhelming in earthly splendor, but just an open door, a gentle voice, and a welcoming presence for exploring thought you have had on your mind for a long time. Knock, knock! " It's me again. Do you have a few minutes? I know the world is hectic and you are needed by many, but I won't take long."
"Yes, yes, of course! Would you like some wine? Cheese? Wafers?" Imagine a good neighbor with a sense of humor to soften the moment, a neighbor understanding the importance of a smile, laughter, and humility without losing grace and dignity.
If you have read these words, why not open the book and read more? It's ok! Keep the conversation going!

Anthony Marsella

Anthony J. Marsella, Ph.D., DHC, is Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii. In the course of his academic career at UH, he served as Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Field Director, World Health Organization Center for Study of Severe Mental Disorders; Director of Disaster Management and Humanitarian Assistance, and Director of Clinical Training.
Dr. Marsella has published 21 books and more than 350 journal articles, book chapters, technical reports, and socio-political commentaries, including two recent volumes on poetry, essays, short stories. He is the founding editor of Springer-Nature Publishing Company’s International and Cultural Psychology Book Series which helped define cultural psychology’s critical role in revolutionizing theory, thought, and practice in psychology and psychiatry. He is a relentless advocate for non-violence, anti-war, and social and community activism Dr. Marsella is best known as a pioneer leader in the study of ethnocultural and racial biases, injustice, and abuses in mental health fields contending all psychologies are indigenous to the place and time of their development. He is the recipient of numerous teaching, research, and professional awards, grants, and fellowships, including an honorary Doctoris Honoris Causas (DHC), from the University of Copenhagen. He has served as a visiting professor in Australia, China, India, Korea, and the Philippines, and as a Visiting Lecturer at more than 40 national and international universities
In recent years, he has pursued writing in areas of peace, justice, and personal meaning.


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